Improving the treatment of drivers at delivery sites

The road transport industry is the backbone of our global economy and plays an essential role in people’s daily lives and mobility. However, the sector is facing serious social, labour and economic challenges and is experiencing a serious driver shortage, which was only temporarily alleviated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As industry stakeholders, we are committed to reversing this trend and are taking action to increase the attractiveness of the sector and highlight the quality of the jobs available. The International Road Transport Union (IRU), the Global Shippers’ Alliance (GSA) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) have joined forces and are working together to improve tangibly the current situation, starting with this charter.

The primary objective of this charter is to improve the treatment of drivers at collection and delivery sites and thereby improve working conditions, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately, contribute to making the driving profession more attractive.

We recognise the importance of adhering to common values and promoting cooperation on the ground, to tackle efficiently the current challenges we face. Our partnership is therefore based on the following shared principles:

All interested industry stakeholders are encouraged to join the initiative and lead by example. Signatories will contribute to making the road transport industry a better place to work and must be committed to improving the current working conditions.

Join IRU, ITF and GSA by signing the Charter and commit to improving the treatment of drivers at company premises.

Commitment for all parties

Commitment for shippers

Commitment for transport operators

Commitment for drivers