Best advice to become a safety driver

Best advice to become a safety driver
What makes a good safety driver?

Research shows that up to 85% of all accidents involving commercial vehicles, including trucks, are due to a lack of concentration and other poor driving habits. It is especially important that truck drivers adopt safe driving habits and respect other road users. Read on to understand why safety is of top priority and how you can become a safer driver.

What makes a good safety driver?

Whether you are a teen driver, a new driver, or have been behind the wheel for many years, we all have the same responsibility to be a safe driver, alert to our environment and road conditions. A safety driver can assess and react to her/his surroundings immediately, handle potential hazards, and use the skills and qualities that make her/him a great driver. In order to handle any situation while driving, a safety driver must be patient, alert, responsible and self-disciplined, as well as have in-depth knowledge of driving rules and regulations.

A safe driver will always follow road traffic rules, such as speed limits, traffic signals or adequate safety distance. A safe driver will always wear a seat belt and avoid distractions, like using mobile phones at the wheel. A safe driver will also take into consideration weather and traffic conditions and have her/his vehicle serviced regularly.

Why is it important to be a safe driver?

Sadly, many people do not place enough importance on safety when it comes to driving, and this can lead to disastrous consequences. Every choice we make while driving has consequences, and there are a lot of positives that come from safe habits and adequate driver training and education.

Stress affects your driving habits and vice versa. When you drive in a safe and considerate manner, you can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. The risk of crashes or collisions related to emotional stress is often underrated. There are some simple safety driving tips you can follow to mitigate the effect of emotional stress on your driving.

Give yourself enough time. Leave a little bit earlier so you do not have to rush on the road. This is will also give you time to react to any unexpected situation that might occur. Thus, you will be calmer and able to react in a more rational and efficient way. Taking a driver safety course or defensive driving class will give you an opportunity to practice emergency situations, and you will also learn how to make rapid decisions when necessary.

Another reason to take a driving course and become a safety driver is insurance discounts. Paying less is especially appealing to new or teen drivers as they are often charged at extremely high rates for insurance. Of course, the most important reason to take a driving training program is to develop safe driving habits, but once you have completed your course, you could potentially save around 30% on your insurance premium.

Top tips to be a safe driver

Our advice is: follow the Truck Driver’s checklist before each journey. It will keep you and others safe, and it will make your ride more comfortable.

Following a driver training programme is absolutely necessary to become a safe truck driver. As a commercial truck driver, you are responsible for large, heavy vehicles and goods. Therefore, you must have professional level driving skills, and drive in a highly responsible manner at all times.